SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 01/25/2017

Last update: on 12/08/2016


  • Fixed an issue with the SkySync max job definitions being short by one.
  • Fixed an issue with SkySync supporting the "/" in most connectors when coming from Google Drive.
  • Fixed an issue with the change detection when moving out of Huddle.
  • Fixed an issue with Box creating an "Unable to cast object of type" failure message.
  • Fixed an issue with ShareFile and the file size parameter on last upload to avoid 0 byte file sizes.
  • Fixed the link to the Impersonation and User Mapping article for Google Apps.
  • Fixed an issue with Box and metadata templates that start with numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint 2013 generating Soap errors when trying to copy invalid file types.
  • Fixed an issue with User Drive mapping with LDAP generating connection errors.
  • Fixed an issue with obsolete color profiles.

Features / Changes

  • Added support for the new Dropbox v2 API
  • Added the license expiration date to the licensing tab under settings
  • Added permissions migration to the Amazon S3 connector.
  • Added messaging for files in SharePoint that exceed the default SharePoint buffer size.
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