Connector: ShareFile

Provisioning New User Accounts

When a new user account is created in ShareFile, a welcome email is sent to the email address of the account. This email contains a link where the user can create their password and activate the account.

If an account is created but not activated by the user clicking the link and creating a password, that account will not be usable within SkySync if "Use My Files & Folders For All Users In My Enterprise" is selected when creating the connection (pictured below).



If a ShareFile connection is created this way and the SkySync administrator attempts to access/modify the contents of that user account through either the Navigation Panel or a job, the following error will be reported: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".



When the link in the welcome email is followed, a password is set and the account is activated, the content will become accessible by SkySync.


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