SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 02/28/2017

Last update: on 01/25/2017


  • Fixed an issue with the support FAQ tool tip inside the application.
  • Fixed an issue with the maximum buffer size for ShareFile when uploading large files.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Apps skipping files in a Shared Folder owned by a different user.
  • Fixed an issue in the navigator where it would display a file size smaller than the actual size.
  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint preserving author when set as the destination.
  • Fixed an issue with Egynte and zipped file transfers that would cause the job to fail.

Features / Changes

  • Added support for file-based metadata properties.
  • Added the ability to configure the Syncplicity API URL.
  • Improved the Syncplicity messaging and error handing in the connection dialog.
  • Added an icon for shared folders in the navigator for Syncplicity.
  • Removed the 50 MB file limit from WebDav as that is determined at the server level.


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