How Does Content Filtering Work With a Publish Job?

Limitation with Content Filtering and Publish Job Item Deletion

SkySync content filters are evaluated before transferring a file. If the file matches the configured filter rules for that job it will be either included or excluded in the transfer, based on the filter rules.

A file is only transferred when it is new or newer than the destination (first job execution or job executions with no change optimization, e.g. after a reset or disabled) or when the file has changed (subsequent executions with change optimization enabled.)

Expected Operation of a Publish Job with Content Filtering

If a file has previously been transferred or exists on both sides and it is being filtered, the file will not be removed from destination.

For job types such as Copy, Synchronize or Migrate, this is typically the desired behavior.

For publish jobs, however, it is typically expected that under such a condition, the file would be deleted. Currently, it is not. This is a known limitation when using filtering.

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