How Do I Submit a SkySync Support Ticket With Portal Architects?

How do I submit a SkySync support ticket with Portal Architects?

If you are experiencing an issue with the SkySync application below are a series of steps to collect all of the information our customer success team may require.  The greater number of items that can be collected in advance the more likely we will be able to provide a rapid turnaround on your case.


To reach a support technician by phone, please dial (888) 550-3721, then enter 3 on your keypad to reach the support line.


Where do I submit a ticket to SkySync Support?

1. On the top of the Skysync support forum there is a “Submit a request “button.



2. Once you have opened the ticket submission form you be required to supply your email address, issue subject, a quick description of your issue, and any relevant attachments.


What information will SkySync support will ask me for?

Your support representative will ask for the time that you encountered your issue, a screenshot of any pop-up message displayed, a complete description of the problem, and any relevant case numbers from previous issues.

Additionally, your support representative may ask for the job ID.  Right-click on the job from the Job Control panel and select Properties to display the job ID.

You can also export the job history that contains the failure(s).

As noted below, once you have access to your log folder the primary SkySync log is "Log.txt" but you might also be asked for the specific job log and that makes the ID collected per the steps aboce..  For example, the log for job ID 10 would be "Log.Job_10.txt".


What information will support need about my installation?

1. We will need the number of your current SkySync edition.  In the lower left corner of the application your edition of SkySync should be visible.


2. Next, support will need your current SkySync version number in order to make sure that you are current with your software updates, as that can be a requirement for troubleshooting certain issues.   If you click on Settings button on the main navigation bar the version number appears in the lower left corner.




3. Next, Click on the license tab to record your license key in the case.




4. The last piece of information is the SkySync application logs. From the Logging tab in Settings, click on the link to navigate to the log directory.  From there you will need to zip up any logs relevant to the case.




What information will support need about my host machine?

1. Under your control panel there is a system information button which should detail the operating system, processor, and RAM.  Below is an example from Windows 2012 R2.




2. If the issue is related to your database  you may be asked if you are using the default SQL CE database or a Full SQL server node.  In the SkySync installation folder (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\SkySync) there is a connection configuration file which contains that information, named "connections.config.  If you are unsure what your SkySync installation is using just attach the connections.config file to your support case and your support representative will determine that for you.


Support Tab

SkySync also includes a Support tab in Settings, pictured below.

Here, you can describe the problem you are having. When you click on Submit, a ticket will be automatically opened in our support system for your request. This will also send us basic information about your SkySync installation, such as your version number, license key, and type of SQL database. You can click on Preview to see all of the information that will be submitted when using this feature.




Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.

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