SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 11/02/2015

Last update: on 10/15/2015


  • Fixed an issue with content filtering buffering when running against large datasets.
  • Fixed an issue with One Drive for Business when a job tried to access a library that had not been created yet.
  • Fixed an issue with One Drive for Business where the parent URL was invalid for a given library.
  • The maximum limit for a recursive folder structure is now 100.
  • Fixed an issue where child objects for any connector could have been loaded twice under special circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenText connector to remove trailing spaces from file extension.
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP inclusions and exclusions so that they will now be case insensitive.
  • Fixed issue where content filtering was not filtering nested folders.
  • Fixed issue where files with truncated names that failed during the initial transfer are now processed again during subsequent runs.
  • Fixed an issue where files with transformed names were not be accurately matched after a job reset.
  • Fixed an issue with the SharePoint API when trying to create shared libraries.
  • Fixed an issue where SFTP files that became smaller on subsequent runs are not transferred as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where certain file move options created an exception.
  • Fixed an issue with native move events within the Box connector.
  • Fixed an issue with ShareFile expiring token authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where lock propagation was visible for publish jobs from the network file system as that function is not supported.
  • Fixed an issue with leading periods or leading spaces within OneDrive for Business.
  • Fixed an issue with triggering additional jobs while refreshing the job control screen with F5 and the maximum number jobs were running.
  • Fixed a race condition when trying to refresh child information with all SharePoint API connectors.
  • Fixed an issue where once a job was run with author preservation it could not be removed.

Features / Changes

  • Added ability to send audit reports to the destination directory.
  • Added ability to exclude empty reports from the audit report upload.
  • Added ability to select user directly from the navigation tree during connector setup.
  • Improve SharePoint basic connection authentication.
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