SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 10/15/2015

Last update: on 9/13/2015


  • Fixed the default port for the SFTP storage provider.
  • Fixed the removal of temporary directories after an email notification have been sent.
  • Fixed an issue where SkySync Lite occasionally failed to start at run time on some older operation systems.
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenText storage provider so that it can authenticate with either IIS or Apache.
  • Fixed capitalization issues with template URL for the One Drive for Business storage provider. 
  • Fixed an issue where the manual mapping of users in SharePoint prevented all users from being returned. 
  • Fixed the importing of the group name field when there were conflicts with the group ID.
  • Fixed Google Apps messaging so that certain 403 messages are properly defined as rate limits.
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenText storage provider where “/” in the folder names are transformed if the destination does not support them. 
  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox for Business where the users inside a user mapping job do not match the domain of the admin user of the storage provider.
  • Fixed an issue with preserving time stamps when Dropbox for Business is the destination.
  • Fixed issue with Dropbox for Business when transferring 0 byte files.
  • Fixed an issue where 503 messages were not properly identified as rate limit messages from Dropbox.
  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox for Business and the root folder of a folder mapping job.
  • Fixed issue with the matching of similar group names when Google Apps is the source.
  • Fixed an issue with native Google documents failing to upload.
  • Fixed an issue with the change detection when copying the root folder for several of the storage providers.
  • Improved file upload verification when connecting with Huddle.
  • Fixed an issue in Huddle file uploader when rate limits weren't handled properly.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent SharePoint from traversing folders it's already visited.
  • Fixed an issue in Box when syncing a user with an admin connection could cause folder content to be duplicated in the root of the destination.

Features / Changes

  • Enhanced Huddle connection due to API changes by Huddle.
  • Optimized the execution of email notifications within the product.
  • Removed versioning support for Hightail based on their API changes.
  • Improved account search when crossing email domains with user mapping jobs.
  • Enabled Author Preservation for user drive mapping jobs.
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