SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 2/3/2016

Last update: on 1/13/2016


  • Fixed an issue when a connector was unable to to a stream content by added additional retries during transfer.
  • Fixed an issue with Documentum when new files not transferred base on object.
  • Fixed an issue with Box and the handling of rapid large data requests.
  • Fixed an issue with user drive mapping to find exact matches but doing a fuzzy search.
  • Fixed an issue with user drive mapping to handle domain to email explicit match.
  • Fixed an service crash with Skysync when navigating exceptionally deep nested file structures.
  • Fixed an issue with date preservation when writing to a network file system.
  • Fixed an issue with the editing of the source and destination of child jobs by restricting that function to intended design.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Drive and Google Apps to support zero byte native Google document files.
  • Fixed an issue with the removal jobs when using a SQL CE database.

Features / Changes

  • Hightail no longer support versioning.
  • Increased Google Drive and Google Apps maximum file size limit to 5TB.
  • Added additional logging for OneDrive for Business user drive mapping.
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