SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 3/15/2016

Last update: on 2/3/2016


  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint and the assignment of permissions with the Share with Me folder functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with several unsupported file types in SharePoint that were not zipped as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Apps where it failed to identify or remove shared folders / files from a user's drive.
  • Fixed an issue with Google returning internal 500 server errors and SkySync's retry method.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Apps and Drive when folder set as the source or destination did not have a parent.
  • Fixed an issue with trailing spaces on file names not being support by Box which caused truncation issues.
  • Fixed an issue with user mapping job when using an imported exception maps which throws a null reference exception.
  • Fixed an issue with the navigator and a rate limit exception.
  • Fixed an issue with the parsing of date inconsistencies between connectors.
  • Fixed an issue with the deletion of the execution history when set to instances instead of the default time.
  • Fixed an issue where SkySync jobs could get stuck in an error state and become unable to recover without a reset.
  • Fixed an issue with uploading files to Dropbox using non-English operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint and requesting the proper UTC times when copying.
  • Fixed an issue with subsequent job runs against a SharePoint library that contains an invalid character in the fully qualified path.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Drive and file extensions when exporting GDrawings.

Features / Changes

  • Improved the pass through error messages from the Google API.
  • Added support managed metadata for SharePoint 2010 and up.
  • Updated the Syncplicity connector to support on premise storage vaults.
  • Updated SkySync messaging in certain critical situations.
  • Updated the ShareFile connector to use the new API 3.0.
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