SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 6/27/2016

Last update: on 5/19/2016


  • Fixed an issue with the alternation of nested folders with APIs that support native moves.
  • Fixed an issue with removing the analyzer after editing an existing job which would in turn break the job scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue with logging causing excessive RAM usage in some environments.
  • Fixed an issue with the logging queue building up on machines with slower drive access speeds.
  • Fixed an issue with master jobs getting an error with his master job "An item key has already been added".
  • Fixed an issue with identical folder names in a nested path causing "An item key has already been added" error with the root folder.
  • Fixed an issue with Documentum jobs versions going out of sync with a destination that supports versioning.
  • Fixed an issue with Huddle delete propagation events due to Huddle API Changes.
  • Fixed an issue with the SaleForce connector does not always adding an extension to filename
  • Fixed an issue with changes the logging level not immediately taking effect in all cases.

Features / Changes

  • Added Okta support for the SharePoint Connector.
  • Adjusted the rate at which OAuth tokens are refreshed.
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