Set the date and time on your computer to be current

Date/Time Setting and SkySync

This sounds obvious, but sometimes it is overlooked.  

Why is this important for SkySync?  Well, it has to do with OAuth which is the standard for authorization that provides a method for SkySync to access server resources on your behalf.  This is how SkySync connects and is authorized to use the various cloud providers.

Why Does This Matter?

Tokens!  Access tokens to be specific.  Once a connector is made, an access token is handed back to SkySync saying that "You're authenticated".  These tokens don't last forever.

Our support team has seen situations where the system date and time were off to such a large extent that the newly arriving Access Token was already expired and invalid for use.

Portal Architects support can help you set the date and time if you need assistance.


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.


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