How to install and configure Fiddler to capture diagnostic information for SkySync

  1. Download the latest version of Fiddler for free at:
  2. Install fiddler on the server / PC that SkySync is running on
    1. You must have the privileges to install software on the server.
    2. Make note of the log-in identity as this will be used in a later step
  3. Start Fiddler
  4. Click on the Tools menu and select Fiddler Options


  5. Click the HTTPS tab in the Fiddler Options window
  6. Check the Decrypt HTTPS traffic check box
  7. Click OK several times accepting all certificate messages and warnings
  8. Click OK to close the Fiddler Options window


  9. Click Decode on the toolbar to enable the Decode feature to decompress all traffic for easy viewing.


  10. Click All Processes at the bottom left side of Fiddler


  11. Select Non-Browser to show only SkySync related traffic

    11-a.png  11-b1.png

  12. Open the services control panel by either 1 or 2 below
    1. Windows Server 2012, from the start screen type: Services 

      12-a-1.png and then click on Services

    2. Windows 2008R2, from the Search bar type: services.msc 

      12-b-1.png and then click on services.msc in the results:

  13. Scroll down the list and Right-Click on SkySync Service and choose Properties


  14. Click the Log On tab on the SkySync Service properties window
  15. Change the Log on as: to the same account as was identified in step 2-2 above.


  16. Click OK


Fiddler is now configured to gather packet traffic data related to SkySync.


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