Preparing for initial SkySync setup, trial or POC

What do I need to prepare ahead of time to ensure a successful SkySync setup, POC, or trial?

In general it depends on your goals.  To perform a proof of concept that mirrors an eventual large deployment, more process, ceremony, and preparation are necessary and SkySync Support and Sales will work with you on those details. 

For a simpler POC or trial just to determine that the software works in your environment and meets your use case criteria you can usually accomplish the goal with these items: 

  • Review the SkySync Best Practices Guide ( )
  • Prepare the host that will run the SkySync software.  A server or VM running Windows Server 2008 SP2 or better that can host the .Net framework 4.5 is sufficient.  We generally recommend 8+ GB RAM, 60GB+ system drive, dual core processor or better, redundant network interface cards, and virtual machines are acceptable. 
  • Prepare proxy account(s) for your storage repositories.  These are the credentials used when establishing a SkySync connection for your source or destination.  For example to sync content between an NFS share and Box, you would provision a domain account (ex. Domain\SkySyncService) that has full control over the network share(s) to be used in the project.  Also, you would provision a Box account with Co-Admin privileges (ex.
  • Decide on the root location where your data will be stored (which account, which folder/container is the parent for all the sub-content that will be added and maintained by SkySync) on the destination.  SkySync will manage the taxonomy automatically but needs a starting location.
  • Identify test data and test users/accounts that will participate in the project.
  • Identify the IT resources who will administer SkySync for the project.
  • Verify your firewall is prepared for any outgoing connections for SkySync (
  • Obtain your SkySync License Key and software. 

After considering these items, you should be ready to install SkySync, use your proxy account(s) to configure connections, and configure jobs to accomplish your pilot’s goals.


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