How Do I Configure SkySync Logging?

SkySync Logging

Sometimes it is necessary to send your SkySync logs to Portal Architects Support.

Follow this guide to configure logging to generate and send the log files:


Configure SkySync Logging

  1. Click Settings on the SkySync ribbon
  2. Click on Logging on the left navigation
  3. Change the Log Level to Trace
  4. Click OK



Reproduce the issue

Repeat the steps that are producing the issue you wish to report to SkySync Support.  This is necessary to capture the log files.


Get the log files

Getting the log files is a simple process.

1. Click on the Settings button in the top-right corner of the application.

2. Click on the Logging tab.

3. Click on the Open log file directory link.

Note:  Please compress the Log.txt file by following the steps below.




Compress Log.txt file for emailing.

1. Right-click the log fie.

2. Click on Send to.

3. Click on Compressed (zipped) folder




The file name will be selected allowing you to easily rename the file.  Hit enter to save any changes.

The compressed Log.txt is much smaller and ready for emailing to your Porta Architects Support representative.



Return logging to previous setting

Once the log file has been captured, return the logging settings to the previous settings to prevent the log files from becoming unnecessarily large

1. Click on the Settings button in the top-right corner of the application.

2. Click on the Logging tab.

3. Set the log level to Info.

4. Click OK.




Please contact Portal Architects Support for assistance with this procedure.


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