How to Configure SMTP Notifications

Configuring SMTP Notifications

If your SkySync License includes "SMTP Notifications", this article describes how to configure SkySync to send SMTP email notifications.

1. Click on the Settings button in the top-right corner of the application.

2. Click on the Notifications tab.



3. Change the Notification level.

The choices are:

  • Never - no notifications are sent
  • Always - Notifications are sent for all events
  • Only On Success - Notifications are sent for all successful job completions
  • Only On Failures - Recommended setting - Notifications are only sent in the event of a job error



4. Configure the following input boxes:

  • From - who is the sender of the notification
  • To - recipient for the notification
  • Subject - Subject of the notification email
  • Report Header - Header for the attached report
  • Host - DNS resolvable name of the SMTP Server or IP address
  • Port - Listening port for the SMTP server
  • Use SSL - Checkbox for SSL encrypted connection
  • Requires Authentication - Checkbox for SMTP servers that require a login to accept notification message
  • User Name - Valid Username
  • Password - Password for Username

After all the values have been input, click the Test button to send a test email.




If successful, this is the message received:




Settings for common SMTP Servers

Provider GMAIL Office 365
Port 587 587
Use SSL Yes Yes
Requires Authentication Yes Yes


If you are encountering issues with sending messages through Gmail, the most likely cause is that SMTP notifications have not been enabled in your GMail Settings.  Please see the following link for Gmail support on this topic:


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.


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