How Do I Configure SkySync to use Integrated Authentication?

SkySync and Windows Integrated Authentication

For SkySync to properly function with jobs involving Integrated Authentication, the SkySync Service must be configured to log on as the domain account with the credentials for Integrated Authentication.

To configure the SkySync service to log on as a domain account, follow these steps:

1. Open the Windows services list, and locate the SkySync Service.

To access the Services list, use the Windows + R key command to open Run, and enter the command: services.msc




2. Right-click the SkySync Service (A) and select Properties (B) from the drop-down menu.




3. In the Properties menu, select the Log On tab (A), and enable the This account radio button (B).




4. Enter in the domain account name and password then click OK.


5. Restart the SkySync service by right clicking the service and selecting Restart from the drop down menu.




SkySync is now properly configured to use Integrated Authentication.


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