Creating and Configuring a Network Share Connection in SkySync

When using SkySync to sync data from a Network Share drive, the SkySync Service must be configured to login using an identity with the proper security to access that data. 


To configure the SkySync Service to login under an identity, follow these steps:

  1. Open the services control panel by either a or b below 

a. Windows Server 2012 and related Operating Systems, from the start screen type: Services  

  Click on Services 

                           b. Windows 2008R2 and related Operating Systems, from the Search bar type: services.msc  

Click on Services



  1. Scroll down the list, right-click on SkySync Service and choose Properties 
  1. Click the Log On tab on the SkySync Service properties window 
  1. Enter the account name and password. 
  1. Click OK to save the changes.




  1. Make sure the SkySync application is closed, then right-click the SkySync Service and click Restart. 





                         SkySync will now be able to access and sync all of the data for the account to which it was assigned.


To create a network share in Windows, follow these steps:

        1. Navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer, right-click and select Properties.2. Click on the Sharing tab (A) and click on Share (B).



                          3. In the File Sharing window that appears, select users from the drop-down and add them to the list. Make sure the identity from the above                                        process is included. Click Share to complete.

      4. The network path will be displayed in the Sharing tab of Properties. Note this path as it will be entered into SkySync to create the connection.




To create a connection to a network share in SkySync, follow these steps:

  1. Go to either the Job Control or Navigation Panel and click on the New Connection button (A) in the top-right of the screen. Select Network Share from the list.




2. Enter in the network path for the desired network share drive. Select the check-box if using Windows Integrated Authentication. Otherwise, enter in the username and password.


The new connection to the network share is now ready to be used in SkySync. It will be listed in the Navigation Panel:


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