User Drive Mapping "User is not authorized to perform..."

"The Account 'Joe User' Is Not Authorized to Perform the Requested Operation" Error

When attempting to perform a user drive mapping job against Box, you may encounter the error message in SkySync:

Where ‘Joe User’ is a specific user account in your enterprise.

This may be resolved in a few ways, depending on why the user cannot perform the operation.

  • The Box account is newly created, and the user has not yet responded to the welcome email, signed in, and assigned their password.  Once these onetime security procedures are complete, the account should be active.  The user drive mapping sub job should complete successfully.
  • The Box Enterprise has the setting “Content & Sharing/Content Creation/Restrict content creation: Only admins can create and delete first level folders, files, and bookmarks” turned on, and the user’s root folder is not created via a different means. SkySync will attempt to create the root folder on behalf of the user, and fail with the above message.  Either change the setting, or create user’s root level folders via another mechanism (manually, via script, etc.) outside of SkySync.


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