Changing the Huddle Base URL

To change the Base URL that SkySync uses for Huddle, two keys need to be added in the SkySync appSettings.config file.  Huddle support will supply you with the proper value to use in these instructions.

To edit this file, run notepad as Administrator.  Do this by typing notepad in the Run window or from the Start Screen and then right-click on Notepad.exe and select Run As Administrator.

By default, the appSettings.config file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SkySync\  Using the custom installation option, this directory can be located to a different drive.  
NOTE: In the picture below, the SkySync directory was located at E:\SkySync\

Next choose File -> Open and then change Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files (*.*)  Then navigate to the location of the SkySync directory.



Add the following Lines to the appSettings tag: 

<add key="HuddleBaseUrl" value="" />
<add key="HuddleClientId" value="Huddle Support Supplied Value" />  *Huddle Support will supply this value, DO NOT enter the text as shown

Please note: SkySync will append api. to the HuddleBaseUrl value above so that the full URL will be:




Save the file and then restart the SkySync Service for the changes to take effect.




Please contact SkySync support for assistance with this article.


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    Asdique Ahmed

    SkySync defaults to (which is the UK location). If a customer is going to (US location), then you will have to set the appSettings.config.

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