Changes in may result in SkySync app being listed as Not Available

Recent updates at Box may have caused the SkySync app to become disabled by default.

Symptoms leading to this may be:

  • SkySync was functioning properly and is now reporting: The application was unable to obtain a valid access token to the storage platform.


  • When creating a box connector, you see the following: Disabled by Administrator



To remedy this, log on to Box as an Admin or Coadmin then perform the following to enable the SkySync app:

  1. Click Admin Console
  2. Click the settings 'Gear'
  3. Click Enterprise Settings
  4. Search for SkySync in the Individual Application Controls
  5. Make Sure SkySync V2 is available. Older versions of SkySync may require the SkySync application.



Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.

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