How do I add a SalesForce Connection?

Adding a SalesForce Connection in SkySync

To make a connection in SkySync to a SalesForce instance, SkySync must first be added as a connected application in SalesForce.

Follow these steps to add SkySync as a connected application in SalesForce (administrator access is necessary):

  1. Login to the SalesForce instance and click on "Setup" in the upper-right of the web page.
  2. Click the "Create" link on the left side of the page under the "Build" header, and select "App".
  3. Under the "Connected Apps" section, click "New" and fill out the fields as pictured below:


4. Note the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values as they will be required for the next step.

5. Run Notepad as an administrator and open the appSettings.config file located in the SkySync install directory (default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\SkySync\appSettings.config).

6. Add the following two lines between the <appSettings> and </appSettings> lines, substituting ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret with the values from step #4 :

<add key="SalesForceClientId" value="ConsumerKey"/>

<add key="SalesForceClientSecret" value="ConsumerSecret"/>

7. If your SalesForce instance requires a custom login domain uri (e.g., add the following key to the appSettings.config file

<add key="SalesForceAuthorizeUri" value="https://" />

Note: We do not currently support multiple domains.

8. Save the changes, close the SkySync application and restart the SkySync Service.


The changes may take a small amount of time to effect in SalesForce.

SkySync is now able to connect to the SharePoint instance.


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.


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