Can I adjust the maximum file upload size with OpenText?

Adjusting the Maximum File Upload Size With OpenText

OpenText has a default file size of 4 MB but this can be adjusted within their configuration file. 

If you navigate to the Web.Config file you increase the limit by adjusting the two values listed below.

(Note: The default install path is C:\OPENTEXT\webservices\dotnet\cws\Web.config) .

In sample configuration file with the value changed to support 2 GB files.



<add name="LogModule" type="OpenText.Livelink.Service.Core.LogModule" />


<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="2097151"/>

<!-- Set the maximum file upload size (in kilobytes).  The default is 4096 KB (4 MB).  NOTE: 2097151 KB = 2 GB                  -->


For the ContentServiceBinding setting you need to increase the maxRecivedMessageSize to match the value above.  Cofirm the messageEncoding is set to "Mon" and the transferMode is set to "Streamed".

<binding name="ContentServiceBinding" maxReceivedMessageSize="2147483647" messageEncoding="Mtom" transferMode="Streamed">

<security mode="None">

<transport clientCredentialType="None" />




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