What is User-Account Linking?

Explanation of User-Account Linking

User-Account Linking,often referred to as "User and Group Mapping".

  • An optional component and applies to the SharePoint/Box use-case.
  • Licensed in 2500-user increments.
  • Not available for Alfresco via CMIS, however we can develop that function via the native Alfresco API (requires assessment) at an additional cost if required.** 
  • Used to preserve file ownership and propagate file locks across systems.
  • Rather than having a file indicate the “SkySync service” (or whatever name you decide to call it), SkySync will link (map) the individual user-accounts across the source and destination.
  • User mapping is self-maintaining, as it recognizes user accounts on either side and it will link them together automatically. If it can’t link them automatically, (e.g.: Was Jane Smith in SharePoint but has since got married and is now Joe Doe in Box) the system administrator can link them manually or they can map off-boarded and/or orphaned accounts (Unresolved accounts) to a default account. Please see screenshot example below.




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