What is User Drive mapping?

  • "User Drive Mapping" is an optional component and applies to NFS-to-cloud usage, or if you have a defined SharePoint user-folders to cloud use case.
  • It is licensed in 2500-user increments.
  • User Drive Mapping is not currently available for the Alfresco platform but could be developed at an additional cost, if required.**
  • User Drive mapping will automatically find and link a specific individual’s Network Home-drive account. For example, it would automatically map; F:\\users\jsmith (or if John Smith’s folder has an abstracted name like “R24897”; it will perform an LDAP lookup) to John Smith’s personal Cloud account. 
  • Once a “Master” User Drive convention job is created, it will perform this process for literally 1,000’s of individual user accounts automatically (Defined by the subfolders from the chosen root folder). It is self-maintained, meaning as employees are on/off boarded, SkySync will create/delete sub-jobs. Mapping also preserves file author ownership across the storage platforms.
  • In addition to file-filtering options, Admins can also define folder subsets within each home-drive account. For example, rather than syncing/moving the entire home-drive folder, the admin can create a convention where SkySync automatically creates a folder called “Box” within each person’s home-drive folder (Supervisors may then instruct the users to put all of the content they want moved into that folder). The admin may also create a folder called “Home-drive” within each individual’s Box user-account as well. Only the content within the folder named “Box” on the home-drive will be moved to the Box folder named “Home Drive ”.

Please refer to the image below.



You can also view a demonstration video found in the Features section of the SkySync website.


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