File extensions that SkySync will zip due to SharePoint limitations and file name modifications

Table of the File Extensions that SkySync Will "Zip" Automatically Due to Default Restrictions in SharePoint.


ade adp app asa ashx asmx asp
bas bat cdx cer chm class cnt
cmd com config cpl crt cs csh
dll exe fxp hlp hta htr htw
ida idc idq ins isp its jse
ksh lnk mad maf mag mam maq
mar mas mat mau mav maw mda
mdb mde mdt mdw mdz msc msh
msh1 msh1xml msh2 msh2xml mshxml msi msp
mst ops pcd pif prf prg printer
pst reg rem scf scr sct shb
shs shtm shtml soap stm url vb
vbe vbs ws wsc wsf wsh  


Folder Names not Supported by SharePoint

SkySync will place an _ at the end on the SharePoint side:







These characters will be replaced with an _ in SharePoint so that it can be uploaded: ¦ | # { } % & \ t \ " “ ” ~ + \ \ / : * ? < > �

Lastly: “..” anything starting or ending with a “.” And SkySync will remove any leading or trailing whitespace.


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