How do I filter files by file-name and/or extension?

Configuring Content Filtering

To filter files based on filename and/or extension, a filter set must be configured for the job in-question.
1. From the Add New Job screen (existing jobs can have a filter added by right-clicking the job in the Job Control panel and selecting Edit Job) click the "Advanced" link to expand the Advanced Options.

2. Click the "Add" link next to the "Content Filtering" drop-down as shown below to create a new filter set. 
3. From the "Configure Content Filters" screen that appears, click the "Use custom pattern" check-box.

4. Select "Exclude" from the drop-down to filter out files meeting the criteria. Select "Include" to filter out all files not meeting the criteria.

5. Enter in the desired filter criteria in the field.
Begin each entry with an asterisk (*) and end each value (file-name or extension) with an asterisk. Separate multiple entries with a semi-colon.
For example, in the picture above, *.project*.* will exclude all files of all extensions with "project" in the file-name. The second entry, *doc*.t*, will exclude all files with both "doc" in the file-name and an extension beginning with the letter "t".


If Include were selected from the drop-down (4), all files without "project" and "doc" in the file-name, as well as an extension beginning with "t", will be filtered out of the job. Only files matching both entered values will be included in the job.


6. Enter in a name for the filter set and click OK to save. The created filter set can be used for any job by selecting it from the Content Filtering drop-down menu.
7. The Job Analyzer will contain two links, one for the source and one for the destination, to an exportable .csv file reporting all files included or excluded based on the filtering criteria.
Please contact Portal Architects Support for assistance with this article.


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