SkySync Service failed to start during installation - insufficient privileges reported

The SkySync installer reports the following error message: "Service 'SkySync Service' (SkySyncService) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services."



This could be due to Port 9000 is in use by another application.  To verify, open a command prompt.

From the command prompt, enter netstat -o -a [ENTER]

Look for a process that is using Port 9000 and make a note of the PID (Process Identifier)


Make note of the PID using port 9000 and open Task Manager and go to the "Details" tab to identify the name of the program using port 9000

Screenshot below is in Windows 2012:



To view PID in Windows 2008 or 2008R2 follow these steps:

From Task Manager, go to the "Processes" tab

  1. Click View
  2. Click Select Columns


  3. Select PID (Process Identifier)
  4. Click OK


  5. Click "Show Processes from all users"
  6. Click the "PID" column header to sort:


Stop or uninstall the program and start the SkySync installation again.

Then, to change the port that SkySync uses (default port is 9000), open Notepad as administrator and edit the "C:\Program Files (X86)\SkySync\appSettings.config" file

Add a new key value: <add key="JobServicePort" value="9001" /> (or a port value that is not in use)


Save the "appSettings.config" file and close Notepad.

Restart the SkySync Service:

Launch Services.msc

  1. Right Click SkySync Service
  2. Choose Restart



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