Metadata Import

SkySync contains a built-in feature that allows a Copy job to import metadata from a source connector that does not support metadata to a destination connector that does support metadata via import csv file.
1. Create a .csv file that must be named precisely "skysync_metadata.csv". This file needs to exist in either the root of the source directory, or one folder level above the source.  If the file is at the root of the job it will be transferred to the destination but if it is one folder above the source it will not be transferred.
2. The layout of the the metadata .csv file needs a specific set of columns to be processed successfully.  Here is a format with the mandatory columns.
The first column name is can be one of the following: Path, FilePath, FullPath, File_Path, or Full_Path.
Each of those names is synomyn and can be used interchangeably.  Both the job relative path or full drive path can be used.
Here is an example file output that is entered in excel and then viewed via notepad.
Relative Path
Path, Column1, Column2
/TestFile1.txt, Friday, January
Full file location
Path, Column1, Column2
/C/Metadata Import/Test/TestFile1.txt, Friday, January
3. Create a Copy job in SkySync. You will have to append "-Metadata Import" to the end of the job name.
4. Once you run the job, the skysync_metadata.csv file should be replaced by two files: skysnc_metadata-export.csv and skysync_metadata-processed.csv

Your content should now exist in the destination with the appropriate metadata values.


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