Connector: SharePoint

Connector - SharePoint

What are the Restrictions of the Platform?

The following is a list of the restrictions with the SharePoint connector.

1. The maximum length of any folder or file name is 128.

2. The maximum total length is 255.

2. No leading or trailing spaces in folder names, file names, or file extensions.

3. Restricted characters in the file name: ¦ | # { } % & t " "" ~ + / \ : * ? < > and the tab key.

4. Prevent Thicket Containers.

A) Folders Only

B) Adds an underscore to the structure otherwise we would prevent it from uploading.

5. Prevent leading tildes in Office 365 only.

6. The max file-size SkySync can upload is 2GB.

7. Support article with restricted extensions which SkySync will automatically zip.


Where can SharePoint be Installed?

SharePoint can be installed as on Prem, ODFB – On Prem 2013/Could, O365 Cloud


What API Methods Are Used?

Variable (Rest APi/Soap/SCOM)

1. 2007 – Pure SOAP

2. 2010 – Mix of SCOM / SOAP

3. 2013/O365/ODFB – Mix of Rest API / SOAP / SCOM


What Are the Authentication Methods?

Variable – Basic, Forms, NTLM, Herberos, SSO

1. SSO – Okta, All with O365

2. On prem – Okta and ADFS

3. O365 - All SSO


Forms-Based Authentication

When Forms Based Authentication (FBA) is enabled for a SharePoint site, SkySync will always choose FBA over any other authentication method. When attempting an FBA connection, SkySync will make a call to the Authentication.asmx, passing the user credentials which must be from the FBA user list (it cannot be an AD user). Passing an incorrect user will return a password match error so it may not be clear that you have selected a user from the wrong list.

Is User Impersonation Supported?

SharePoint 2013 supports user impersonation through the SharePoint API but SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 do not.  The option is visible as they share the API but it is not available before 2013.

Special Notes

1. Sites do not store files

2. URL of any site can be entered and used as a root

3. You cannot create sites through SkySync; it will create libraries.

4. If you create a folder within a document library using SkySync, it will be a folder container type.

5. Can only do versioning if versioning is enabled on the library.

6. Metadata is per library, not at the site level.

7. Impersonation of files only, not folders.

8. Managed metadata must be mapped by file if moving between 2 sharepoint instances (contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this procedure).

9. Date preservation only works with SharePoint if you are using author-preservation.

10. The transformation of URLs into SharePoint can sometimes increases the overall URL length which can cause either 400 or 414 URL failures (Spaces are the primary way this can happen).  We recommend the removal of spaces or shrink the URL length to resolve this errors.


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.


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