SkySync Connection Pooling

When transferring data between a source and destination there are a number of factors which can limit the transfer speed.  Most cloud providers have rate limitations which reduce the transfer rate but if those limits are account based and it supports impersonation SkySync can create a pool of accounts that issues commands in a round robin format across all of the accounts connected to the pool.

By default this feature is only available for user drive mapping jobs but support for connection pooling can be extended for all jobs with an application setting.

In the installation folder is a file called appsetting.config that requires the addition of the following line.  

<add key="EnableNonRootPooledConnections" value="true" />

Once the setting has been added to the appsetting.config file you will need to restart the SkySync service for it to take effect.

In the navigator once you establish a connection you can assign that account to a pool by color.  When you add the first account you will be given an option to name the Pool and choose a color.  A pool requires the minimum of one account but additional accounts can be added at any time.



After the pool has been setup when creating a new job you need to set the pool as the source or destination instead of one of the individual accounts.  Once a job is configured to use the pool if the pool is adjusted later it will be used on the next run of the job.

For example if a connection pool has 2 accounts all commands will be alternated between them.  if a third account is added to the pool the next run of the job will use all three accounts.



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