SkySync Transfer Usage

The SkySync transfer usage limit is determined by the amount selected when the license is purchased. As files are transferred by the application between a source and destination this increases the amount used by the total size of all of the transferred files. This represents the amount of data under management by SkySync in its tracking database.

The initial run of a job in SkySync creates a tracking database (Map of the file hierarchies of the source and destination) and the size of that content is the amount of transfer limit used. This hierarchy is used on all subsequent job runs to determine the files that have either changed or have been added to the hierarchy. Newly added or modified files will be appended to the transfer usage from all previous runs since those files will now be under management by SkySync for future job runs.

The following actions can affect your transfer usage: Resetting a job, renaming files or folders, alterations of file time stamps or changing of the file size.

If the tracking database is significantly altered or corrupted a reset of your SkySync job may be required which will in turn necessitate the building a new tracking database. If you have moved content in the source or destination using an external method from SkySync (for example FTP) then SkySync will have to build a new tracking database. Similarly if you move content that have been synced earlier from one folder to another folder within the same destination location, SkySync will require to rebuild the tracking database.

If you run out of transfer usage or if you are near the limit you need to contact your sales representative to have your license increased.


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