SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 9/06/2016

Last update: on 7/12/2016


  • Fixed an issue when upgrading SkySync to version when the configuration files had been modified.
  • Fixed an issue with the detection of Documentum version changes when versions are directly uploaded.
  • Fixed an issue with CMIS when uploading files that take longer than 5 minutes to process.
  • Fixed an issue with OpenText file names and trailing white spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with the reporting of files sizes between SharePoint online and on Premise SharePoint.
  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint child jobs being continually recreated due to special characters in the name.

Features / Changes

  • Improved SharePoint error messaging for wildcard searches that exceed the ability for SharePoint to send via the API.
  • Improved method for the transfer of Metadata with SharePoint which prevents the creation of an additional version with the service account as the owner.
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