Sample .csv Files for Importing Into SkySync

When configuring a user/group map for migrating permissions, or when configuring the inclusions/exclusions and exceptions for a convention job, SkySync allows the importation of .csv lists to prevent the manual entry of users.

Below are the contents of example .csv files that can be imported into SkySync. The files themselves are attached to the article as well.


User Drive Mapping Exclusions

When choosing which users to include or exclude with a convention job, the following format can be used for a .csv file (User-Drive Mapping Exclusions.csv).
This file can be imported through the SkySync UI through the Advanced options of a job.


Account ID



User Drive Mapping Exceptions

Accounts can be manually linked in convention jobs by importing a .csv file with the format below (User-Drive Mapping Exceptions.csv).


Source ID,Destination ID,Destination Name
"badmin","","Bill Admin"
"mbronze","Matthew Bronze","Matthew Bronze"
"kkilborne","","Kirk Kilborne"
"cdurfree","","Chris Durfree"
"rjohnson","","Ron Johnson"



User or Group Map For Migrating Permissions

A map can be imported into SkySync to link accounts for permission migrations using the same format as the User Drive Mapping Exceptions above.



Groups can be imported using the format below (Group Permissions.csv).


Source ID,Source Name,Destination ID,Destination Name
"Power Users","Power Users","238455","Dev Team"



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