What Is Virtual Versioning?

Virtual versioning is a SkySync feature that allows the administrator to migrate versioned content to a destination network share drive or file system. With this feature, all versions of a file will be preserved when migrating into a storage platform that does not support versioned content.

The following storage platforms are also supported as destinations for virtual versioning:

  • Autodesk
  • OneDrive
  • OpenStack
  • OpenText
  • Syncplicity
  • WebDav

Virtual versioning is only compatible with Copy type jobs, and can only create the virtual versions on the destination.

When virtual versioning is enabled (see screenshot below), SkySync will create a copy on the destination for each version of a file on the source.



In the example below, the source contained the file Document.txt, which had four total versions.

When this file was copied into the network share drive destination, four separate files were created. Each one corresponds to a version from the source.



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