Guide to Installation and Upgrade of Multiple SkySync Nodes

Special Note: Always make sure all SkySync nodes are running the same software version. Failing to do so could cause complications with the database.


Installing a multiple node setup

Please follow these instructions to setup a multinode SkySync installation when connecting to a single Full SQL database or a SQL Express database.

1. Ensure that you have a sufficient number of activations on your license key for the number of nodes you will be installing. Each node will use one activation of your license. If you are unsure about the number of activations remaining on your license please contact your sales representative or Portal Architects technical support.

2. Install and configure the Full SQL or SQL Express database on a separate server or virtual machine. Do not install any SkySync nodes on the machine containing the database. The hardware requirements for the database server increases as the number of nodes attached increases.

3. Install SkySync on the first node and activate the software.

4. Copy the keys folder from the first node to the desktop of every other node. The default location for the keys folder is: C:\ProgramData\PortalArchitects\Data\Keys

5. Install SkySync on the rest of the nodes but do not launch or activate the software on the secondary nodes.  Stop the SkySync service on each node.

6. Overwrite the keys folder on the secondary nodes with the copy made in step 4.

7. Restart the SkySync service.

8. Enter your license key on the nodes to activate the software.

Your multiple node setup should now be complete and ready for use.


Upgrading a Multiple Node Setup

Follow these steps to upgrade the software in a multiple node configuration.

1. Close and re-open the application on any node. You will be prompted to download the updated software installer. Select "Save for later" and download the installer.

2. Stop the SkySync service.

3. Run the installer on the first node.

4. Start the application on the first node to ensure the upgrade completed without error. Note that you will receive an error about job service connectivity as the service is stopped.

5. Run the installer on the rest of the nodes. Start the application on each to ensure the upgrade completed.

6. Start the SkySync service.

7. Restart the application on each node to ensure connectivity to the job service.


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.



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