How Do I Configure My Syncplicity Connection After Upgrading SkySync?

With versions of SkySync earlier than, a Syncplicity connection is made using default application and security keys. When upgrading to version or later, existing Syncplicity connections will no longer be usable. The following error will appear when attempting to use the connection:



Follow the instructions in this guide to edit your Syncplicity connections to make them usable with newer versions of SkySync.


Obtaining the Syncplicity Application Token

1.Open an internet browser and navigate to

2. Navigate to the Account page.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Your Account page and click "Create" under the "Application Token" section.

5. Note the application token that will be generated.


Obtaining a Syncplicity App Key and App Secret

1.  Open an internet browser and navigate to

2. Click "Login".

3. The Syncplicity Developer Portal automatically creates your account by appending "-apidev" to the email address you used for logging into the Developer Portal. For example, logging in using the account "" will result in the sandbox account "".

4. Create a password for the account through the prompt that automatically appears.

5. Navigate to My Apps, then select "Create App".

6. Create an app name. Select the check-box to agree to the Terms of Use.

7. An App Key and App Secret will automatically generate and populate the page. Choose Apply for Production, and set the Default Scope to Read/Write in the Default Scope option and Save.

8. Open SkySync, right-click on the Syncplicity connection and select Edit.

9. Enter the App Key, App Secret, and Application Token acquired from the steps above. Click OK.


Your Syncplicity connection should now be fully functional.


Please contact Portal Architects support for assistance with this article.


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