SkySync Release

SkySync Release Notes 11/28/2016

Last update: on 10/19/2016


  • Fixed an issue with the operating system setting SkySync to large negative screen position.
  • Fixed an issue with handling data streams against repositories that do not report length.
  • Fixed the email address used for license expiration messaging.
  • Fixed an issue with quotes embedded in csv import/export for group and account exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue with the DropBox chunked uploader.
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenText connector reporting the file name when missing the extension.
  • Fixed an issue with Date preservation with CMIS and Documentum.

Features / Changes

  • Added Amazon S3 Connector
  • Added Alfresco Connector (supports version x.x.x)
  • Added ADFS authentication support form on-prem SharePoint servers.
  • Added Admin mode functionality to the Syncplicity connector.
  • Added versioning support to the Syncplicity connector.
  • Upgraded the DropBox connector to use the new DropBox v2 API.
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