SkySync Release

SkySync Release Release Notes 5/31/2018

Last update: Release Notes 2/20/2018


  • Fixed an issue with restricted characters resulting in an "404(not found)" error when transferring files between OneDrive for Business and a network file share.

  • Fixed an issue with transfer of the GSuite's "Getting Started.pdf".

  • Fixed an issue in GSuite with files modified by external users resulting in "user not found error" when using author preservation.

  • Fixed an issue with files containing leading periods being transferred to Sharefile resulted in the error "The Item Could not be located within the storage platform"; Leading periods are now removed.

  • Fixed an issue where files contained in multiple locations in GSuite would be filtered out by the "Filter Shared" content filter.

  • Fixed error messaging for unsupported native GSuite files from "File does not support versioning" to "Downloading content is not supported for the file: <FILE_PATH>/<FILE_NAME>".

  • Fixed an issue with suspended accounts being transferred as external in OneDrive for Business ; suspended accounts are now ignored.

  • Fixed an issue with Drop Box for Business and network file share constantly updating the same file.

  • Fixed an issue with author preservation where the default user was set to the connector user as opposed to the user being impersonated in the job.

  • Fixed an issue with file names over 405 Characters for SQL Server 2012 SP1.

  • Fixed messaging when attempting to transfer a shared link to the root of SharePoint server.


  • Added ability to map multiple user accounts to the same user.

  • Added ability to map multiple group accounts to the same group.

  • Added support for date preservation when using the Syncplicity Connector.

  • Changed Oracle WebCenter path length from 255 to unlimited based on connectors support.

  • Added support for the preservation of link share permissions in GSuite.

  • Added user emails to the audit information when external accounts are passed through.

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